A comparison of the movie enders game and out of the silent planet

Decades ago, Earth was ravaged by invasions of swarming insect-like creatures and fought them off only by the skin of its teeth.

A comparison of the movie enders game and out of the silent planet

PG Ender is gunning for you! Earth has undergone a war with the Formics and barely survived and now the world has turned to children as potential leaders.

Get your ass in gear, Ender! Groups called for the film to be boycotted, and the studio even worked to distance itself from Card. The movie was released to modest reviews but made a meager profit at the box office for his high cost.

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It was a science-fiction novel for kids that dared to use language that kids used swear words, etc. The movie is rather driven by the story. Ender and the other children are put in a position that they should never be in. The oddest thing about the movie and book is that it is sometimes promoted by the military.

I find it rather anti-military and war. It is like the old experiment where people are willing to torture people through orders versus personal torture…it is kind of sick and twisted.

A comparison of the movie enders game and out of the silent planet

I find the acting is rather so-so. Asa Butterfield is forced to hold the movie and does a decent job for someone so young, but he does struggle. I wish there was something more inventive about the style or the special effects of the film.

If you are a fan of science-fiction, it is worth seeking out. The film did not light the box-office on fire and there have been no plans to bring any of the sequels to the screen.

A comparison of the movie enders game and out of the silent planet

Loves all things pop-culture especially if it has a bit of a counter-culture twist. Plays video games basically from the start when a neighbor brought home an Ataricomic loving for almost 30 yearsand a true critic of movies. Enjoys the art house but also isn't afraid to let in one or two popular movies at the same time.Recently I went to see the Ender’s Game movie, based on the novel by Orson Scott Card (who I interviewed here some time ago).

They take place in a future decades after an invasion of insect-like aliens attacked Earth and nearly wiped out the human race. The last invasion was only repelled by.

Therefore, I was extremely wary of the movie coming out. Did it pass my strict movie requirements? Find out here. Book vs Movie: Ender’s Game. February 4, by Meet Brenda 3 Comments.

Ender’s Game is one of my favorite books. book vs movie enders game, enders game book vs movie, was enders game the movie as good as the book. What are the major differences between the Ender's Game book and the re-issue/rewrite? How does the "Ender's Game" film compare to the book?

How did Andrew “Ender” Wiggin die in the “Ender’s Game” books? In the movie the film maker decides to remove the scene in which Ender goes to another uninhabited alien planet after the war to build another home for humans.

The film maker deals with this by just leaving the audience on a cliffhanger. 8 Big Differences Between The Ender's Game Movie And Book in the Ender’s Game book to movie comparison. communicate to Ender via one remaining queen on the planet where he fought the. Ender's Game Fansite: A news resource for the Ender's Game movie and book series.

Book to Film Changes Ender is sad and mad after he finds out the final simulation was not a game. He is then placed into a medically induced sleep after the final battle simulation.

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