Building the new european order essay

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Building the new european order essay

Bema[ edit ] As numbers of clergy increased, the small apse which contained the altar, or table upon which the sacramental bread and wine were offered in the rite of Holy Communionwas not sufficient to accommodate them.

A raised dais called a bema formed part of many large basilican churches. In the case of St. Peter's Basilica and San Paolo fuori le Mura St Paul's outside the Walls in Rome, this bema extended laterally beyond the main meeting hall, forming two arms so that the building took on the shape of a T with a projecting apse.

From this beginning, the plan of the church developed into the so-called Latin Cross which is the shape of most Western Cathedrals and large churches.

Building the new european order essay

The arms of the cross are called the transept. The mausoleum of a noble Roman was a square or circular domed structure which housed a sarcophagus. Constantine the Great built for his daughter Constantina a mausoleum which has a circular central space surrounded by a lower ambulatory or passageway separated by a colonnade.

This burial place became a place of worship, Santa Costanzaas well as a tomb. It is one of the earliest church buildings that was centrally, rather than longitudinally planned. Constantine was also responsible for the building of the circular, mausoleum-like Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalemwhich in turn influenced the plan of a number of buildings, including that constructed in Rome to house the remains of the proto-martyr Saint StephenSan Stefano Rotondo and the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna.

Ancient circular or polygonal churches are comparatively rare. In Denmark such churches in the Romanesque style are much more numerous.

In parts of Eastern Europe there are also round tower-like churches of the Romanesque period but they are generally vernacular architecture and of small scale. The circular or polygonal form lent itself to those buildings within church complexes that perform a function in which it is desirable for people to stand, or sit around, with a centralised focus, rather than an axial one.

In Italy the circular or polygonal form was used throughout the medieval period for baptisteries, while in England it was adapted for chapter houses.

Building the new european order essay

In France the aisled polygonal plan was adapted as the eastern terminal and in Spain the same form is often used as a chapel. Other than Santa Costanza and San Stefano, there was another significant place of worship in Rome that was also circular, the vast Ancient Roman Pantheonwith its numerous statue-filled niches.

This too was to become a Christian church and lend its style to the development of Cathedral architecture. Bjernede Kirke is one of several circular Romanesque churches in Denmark.

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Most cathedrals and great churches have a cruciform groundplan. In churches of Western European tradition, the plan is usually longitudinal, in the form of the so-called Latin Cross with a long nave crossed by a transept. The transept may be as strongly projecting as at York Minster or not project beyond the aisles as at Amiens Cathedral.

Many of the earliest churches of Byzantium have a longitudinal plan. At Hagia SophiaIstanbul, there is a central dome, framed on one axis by two high semi-domes and on the other by low rectangular transept arms, the overall plan being square. This large church was to influence the building of many later churches, even into the 21st century.Relations between the European countries and Central Asia have roots going far back in history to the times when the network of trade routes that is referred to as the Great Silk Road was established.

In parts of Eastern Europe there are also round tower-like churches of the Romanesque period but they are generally vernacular architecture and of small scale. Others, like St Martin's Rotunda at Vishegrad, in the Czech Republic, are finely detailed.

The complicated nature of European collective identity and the different collective identities of European nations eventually link the process of common identity-building to the legal formation of a European citizenry and the distribution of rights and duties guaranteed for .

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