Child marriages a human rights issue essay

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Child marriages a human rights issue essay

A Violation of Human Rights Child marriage is a violation of human rights. In most cases young girls get married off to significantly older men when they are still children. Child marriages must be viewed within a context of force and coercion, involving pressure and emotional blackmail, and children that lack the choice or capacity to give their full consent.

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Child marriage must therefore always be considered forced marriage because valid consent is absent — and often considered unnecessary.

Statistics show that child marriage is most common among the poorest groups in society [3]. Physical, social and psychological consequences of child marriage Young girls who get married will most likely be forced into having sexual intercourse with their, usually much older, husbands.

This has severe negative health consequences as the girl is often not psychologically, physically and sexually mature. Child brides are likely to become pregnant at an early age and there is a strong correlation between the age of a mother and maternal mortality and morbidity.

Girls aged l are five times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than women aged and girls aged are twice as likely to die [4]. The body of a young girl is not yet ready for pregnancy and childbirth, which leads to complications such as obstructed labour and obstetric fistula.

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Obstetric fistula can also be caused by the early sexual relations associated with child marriage, which take place sometimes even before menarche.

Good prenatal care reduces the risk of childbirth complications, but in many instances, due to their limited autonomy or freedom of movement, young wives have no access to health services, which aggravates the risks of maternal complications and mortality for pregnant adolescents.

Because young girls are not ready for the responsibilities and roles of being a wife, sexual partner and a mother, child marriage has a serious negative impact on their psychological well-being and personal development.

Young married girls are even at higher risk because their older husbands may already be infected in previous sexual relationships.

Furthermore, the age difference between the girl and the husband and her low economic status make it almost impossible for the girl to negotiate safe sex or demand fidelity.

Girls and women who are married younger, especially when married as children, are more likely to experience domestic violence and to believe that it is justified for a man to beat his wife. In addition, child brides are least likely to take action against this abuse [5].

Domestic violence seriously endangers the physical and mental health of women and girls and can even put their lives at risk. Gender inequality is both a cause as well as a consequence of child marriage.

Child brides usually have lower levels of education than girls who get married at an older age. Education is therefore seen as a way to prevent child marriages.

Once a girl is married, she experiences a lack of autonomy to make personal decisions about her life. Early marriage, together with its relation to low levels of education, high levels of violence and abuse, severe health risks and harmful power dynamics, results in increased vulnerability to poverty for girls and young women.

Child marriages a human rights issue essay

Human Rights Violation Child marriage is a violation of human rights and is prohibited by a number of international conventions and other instruments.Looking for interesting cause and effect essay topics? These 90 fresh cause and effect topics will wow your teacher.

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UNICEF is committed to efforts to end child marriage and is able to use its global leadership position, its mandate to provide data and evidence on child marriage, and its broad field-based programming in various sectors to bring about change on this issue.

In , UNICEF was instrumental in organizing the inaugural International Day of the Girl Child, which had child marriage as its theme. Child labour; Child soldiers; Conscription; Debt; Forced marriage. Bride buying; Wife selling; Forced prostitution; Human trafficking; Peonage; Penal labour; Sexual.

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