Complaints us airways write a complaint

By Luke Brynley-Jones Have you ever wondered who complains the most online?

Complaints us airways write a complaint

I want to give them stars. I booked two Thai Airways flight with BestJet. Thai Airways changed flight schedule from Melbourne without any notice. I found out while just browsing through Thai website.

I contacted Thai Airways and they told me to contact BestJet. Then I contacted Bestjet and they had no idea about it at all, I was the first one reporting it to them, When they checked, both of our flights were totally messed up with a missed connection or a long long 24 hours lay over.

After about 3 weeks and multiple contacts with Bestjet I received an email from bestjet that thai airways is not providing hotel for this long layover to a mother travelling alone with 3 children. Then contacted BestJet again and surprise!!!!

complaints us airways write a complaint

Fully refund me now only 10 days before flight when if I buy any other airline ticket now is double the price. I also have spend money to obtain Thailand transit visas because Thai Airways can not even arrange that for their customers.

And the best is that I would get the refund after 12 weeks. Thai Airways did a great job in trying to mess up our holidays. For me they are bye bye for good.American Airlines Consumer Reviews and Complaints This is where were at in the United States of America.

I wrote a complaint to AA Consumer Relations department in Spanish, that’s /5(). Jan 26,  · Here we reproduce a complaint letter sent to Sir Richard Branson, which is currently being emailed globally and is considered by many to be the world's funniest passenger complaint letter.

Original review: July 7, I traveled from Manchester via CDG to Nairobi on Kenya Airways. My expectation has always been low having traveled on them several times. Nov 10,  · Some guidelines to keep in mind when you're set to lodge an airline complaint: be polite, be reasonable and be specific.

How to complain about an airline to get the best results. By By George. Complaints and claims. Make a complaint - about an experience you had with British Airways; Update us or check on an existing complaint or claim.

You will need your case reference number to contact us about an exisiting complaint or claim. Add information to a .

complaints us airways write a complaint

Apr 10,  · Which brings us to the biggest lesson from this survey: If you're mad at an airline, don't complain only to the airline. As NPR's David Schaper reported in October, Total Complaints.

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