Essay on the articles of confederation

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Essay on the articles of confederation

Are there any similarities?

Get a complete paper today. Some of the weaknesses of these Articles were economic disorganization, lack of central government power, and legislative inefficiencies. To rectify these weaknesses, the Supreme law that would supersede any other in the United States had to be created.

Are there any similarities? This Constitution has acted as a guide to the evolution of its governmental institutions thus providing grounds for social progress, economic growth, political stability, and individual freedom. Originally, it governed approximately 4 million citizens of the 13 original states.

Today, it governs over million citizens of the 52 states and has been subjected 27 amendments. The process of creating the Constitution did not just happen, but was marred by intense debate and numerous proposals of the appropriate version.

A draft of the Constitution was released in after ten years of reliance on the articles. We have covered the weakness of the articles of confederation The articles provided for a fragile alliance among the 13 states and thus led to a very weak federal government that could not attend to the economic, political, social, and security needs of the 4 million citizens.

On the other hand, the Constitution provided for a smooth mechanism of empowering the federal government and thus strengthened the association among all states.

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Under the Articles, the central government could not effectively act on critical matters such as public finance, trade, and defense since it relied on the decisions made by the respective state legislatures.

The Constitution was drafted by 55 delegates among them prominent leaders and Founding Fathers. All consented to the objective of the Constitution that states: The Constitution was more uniting than the Articles.

The result of this is that the states became more united under the Constitution than under the articles. However, every level of government exercise huge extent of autonomy having been offered some particular powers that not even the federal government can curtail. Also, the Constitution provided respective courts with the jurisdiction to solve the disputes arising among different jurisdictions.

In line with the structure of the government, the Articles had instituted national legislature that had no executive powers and had no federal courts. On the other hand, the structure of the government as provided for in the Constitution was stratified into tri-divisions namely; the judiciary, legislature, and executive.

Essay: Articles of Confederation

The head of executive division is the President. Further, this clause prohibited the states from engaging in any kind of war without the authorization by the Congress.

Essay on the articles of confederation

Additionally, the Constitution gave Congress the mandate of making decisions pertaining to conflicts, peace, and engaging in foreign relations. In regard to these responsibilities and powers bestowed on Congress, the Confederation Articles were bound to fail since they greatly limited the sovereignty of Congress.

In addition, the Congress was given power to raise funds and provide for the army. This was contrary to the Articles that only gave power to individual states in determining when to engage the army or not to.

The powers vested on the President and the Congress by the Constitution raised the sovereignty level of the central government in reigning over the citizens and assuring security from an internal or external threat.

In terms of trade regulation, the federal government was given the power over trade control at both inter-state and international levels. The Articles had not provided for such power to the central government to control interstate and international trade. In terms of trade regulation, the federal government was given the power over trade control at both inter-state and international levels whereas the Articles conferred power to individual states.

The Constitution gave Congress the mandate of making decisions pertaining to conflicts, peace, and engaging in foreign relations.An essay on articles of confederation problems Posted by on November 28, at am An essay on articles of confederation problems.

Essay: Articles of Confederation

Nov 28 An essay on articles of confederation problems. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. Articles of Confederation Essays: Over , Articles of Confederation Essays, Articles of Confederation Term Papers, Articles of Confederation Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Order plagiarism free custom written essay. The Articles Of Confederation And An Effective Government Essay - To say that the Articles of Confederation provided the United States of America with an . The Nation Under the Articles of Confederation Essay.

The Nation Under the Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation from the period till would be a period least effective of a government according to the fully oppositional Constitution that came right after the articles. The Articles of Confederation Essay - With the United States new found independence from Great Britain, its founding fathers realize from their historical experiences that a document of law needed to be crafted and established to preserve its new found independence, while maintaining order.

The “Articles of Confederation” denotes the agreement by 13 original states of the USA that was used as the first constitution after independence. The drafting of the “Articles of Confederation” commenced in facilitated by a special committee that was formed by the Continental Congress.

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