Influences of the internet on young

Usually, people are more influenced by their innate subconscious desires or intent than a rational and planned decision. This aspect of human nature is heavily influenced by your daily activity. How Corporations Influence Your Subconscious In western society, the subconscious mind of the individual is often subject to a number of heavy influences, through entertainment mediums especially.

Influences of the internet on young

Abstract Background There is concern that the internet is playing an increasing role in self-harm and suicide. In this study we systematically review and analyse research literature to determine whether there is evidence that the internet influences the risk of self-harm or suicide in young people.

Articles of interest were those that included empirical data on the internet, self-harm or suicide, and young people. The articles were initially screened based on titles and abstracts, then by review of the full publications, after which those included in the review were subjected to data extraction, thematic analysis and quality rating.

Results Youth who self-harm or are suicidal often make use of the internet. It is most commonly used for constructive reasons such as seeking support and coping strategies, but may exert a negative influence, normalising self-harm and potentially discouraging disclosure or professional help-seeking.

Correlations have also been found between internet exposure and violent methods of self-harm. Conclusions Internet use may exert both positive and negative effects on young people at risk of self-harm or suicide.

Careful high quality research is needed to better understand how internet media may exert negative influences and should also focus on how the internet might be utilised to intervene with vulnerable young people.

Introduction The media has received considerable attention for its possible role in contributing to suicide through contagion, predominantly in youth [1][2].

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While initial attention focused on newspapers, TV and films [3][4][5]increasingly attention has turned to the internet [6][7]because it is accessible, affordable in most countries, and largely unmonitored. Despite concern about its negative impact, the potential support provided by the internet should not be overlooked [8].

Acceptance, alleviation of loneliness and shame, and creation of intimacy from internet sources may be factors that mitigate destructive desires.

Influences of the internet on young

The internet may provide a bridge for vulnerable adolescents, giving them instant access to social networks and providing the anonymity to create or discard identities.

Yet it is only speculation whether the internet is providing a safe haven, or a space where dangerous behaviours are normalised and encouraged. Adolescence can be a time of turmoil, with high levels of stressful circumstances, developmental issues, and psychopathology, and hence of self-harm [9].

Self-harm, defined as intentional self-injury or self-poisoning, irrespective of type of motivation or extent of suicidal intent [10]usually begins and becomes most frequent between the ages of 13 and 15 years, particularly in girls [11].

Suicide is the second most common cause of death for young people worldwide and the most common cause in females aged 15—19 years [12].

Internet use increased globally by Vulnerable adolescents, susceptible to bullying, victimisation and social exclusion, may be most at risk of the negative influences of the internet.

There has been much speculation and media reporting about suicide contagion and suicide pacts originating from the internet. Although there is strong evidence indicating that suicide contagion is a significant phenomenon [14][15]direct associations with internet use are unclear.

Previous research has focused on how the internet is used by suicidal people and what information is available [6][7][16]. Studies are, however, often rapidly outdated, and may be speculative and not systematic, or reliant on evidence from single case studies.

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An analysis of current evidence is needed in order to better understand the type of influence that the internet may have on young people at risk for self-harm or suicide, and to directly inform future intervention and prevention research.

We have therefore conducted a systematic review of current empirical evidence on possible influences of internet use on the risk of self-harm or suicide in young people under the age of 25 years.

Specifically, our aim was to identify the extent of evidence about both negative and positive influences of the internet on the risk of self-harm and suicide in young people. Methods This review adheres to the guidelines detailed by the Cochrane Collaboration Handbook for Systematic Reviews [17].

An electronic literature search was conducted on December 26th for all articles printed between andin the English language. The following terms were searched for in titles, abstracts and subject headings to maximise sensitivity: Titles that clearly had no relevance to the study were discarded; and all discarded titles were confirmed by a second reviewer PM.

Studies were forwarded to the second stage of screening if they met the following criteria: Any discrepancy between categorisation was resolved through group consensus.

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Quality was assessed according to the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme [18]. This programme assesses in detail the following aspects: A quality rating for each paper of low, medium or high was obtained using these quality standards. Table 1 Criteria used for initial screening.Realcomm Conference Group, LLC is an event company at the intersection of technology, innovation and real estate operations.

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