Roots of radical islam

Known as fundamentalism or "Wahhabism," it poses a direct challenge to the ideal vision of a state that the newly founded nations of the region have embraced. In addition, the broader ideology name "Wahhabism" represents a serious challenge to the theology and practice of the mainstream Sunni Islam to which most of these nations' populations adhere. Should this radicalized understanding of Islam continue to spread unchecked, radical interpretations could threaten social stability at the local, national, and regional levels and create serious geopolitical dangers to which neighboring powers, as well as the US and Europe, would have to react.

Roots of radical islam

Zawahri railed against Zionism and imperialism and his conditions in prison. They whipped us using the electric cables.

Islamic Radicalism: Its Wahhabi Roots and Current Representation

The shocked us with electricity. I met him three times, and he was a very decent, calm and shy man. Afterward, when I saw his sermon on television, I didn't recognize him. He was a different human being, very aggressive. Retired Police General Fouad Allam, who helped lead state security's anti-terrorism unit, rejects the theory that the Mubarak regime's torture and repression drove Zawahri and other Islamists to greater violence.

He was already convinced before his arrest of this concept of takfir, which means anyone who doesn't subscribe to the same ideology is an infidel and should be attacked and killed.

I can vouch he was not. It would be great if you could present one person who charged such a thing. These are the marks from being hung by my arms, by my wrists on a sling. They are permanent marks.

Aboud El Zomor, founder of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, just released after 30 years for his role in Sadat's killing, says both he and Zawahri were tortured. I saw it with my own eyes. Even though we were tortured one by one, when they took him, I looked out of a small hole and saw the torture firsthand.

What effect did that have on Zawahri?

Roots of radical islam

This torture didn't change our thinking, but it made us believe, though we must endure this pain for the sake of Allah, we will engage in the revenge for such treatment. Columnist and editor Hala Mustafa, who studies Islamist movements, believes Zawahri was transformed into a global jihadi figure after he felt forced into exile from Egypt.

Because it was very difficult to topple the regime at the time, the militant groups and Islamic groups in Egypt shifted their focus from the domestic field to the foreign field, from the domestic ruler to the United States, which — and to the West in general.

After prison, he joined the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan, teaming up with bin Laden, matching his brains to the Saudi's charisma. Since bin Laden's killing, Zawahri has been urging his followers to exploit democratic upheavals in the Arab world and to step up attacks on U.

But do these messages still find a receptive audience here? He's camped in front of the U. Embassy, petitioning for the release of his father, the so-called "Blind Sheik," imprisoned in the U.

Mohamed Rahman says now that his group can take part in politics, they don't need the tactics Zawahri still espouses. His message to seize the opportunity in Egypt to revive the spirit of violence doesn't resonate with the Egyptian people, because they have seen firsthand with the revolution that there is a possibility for peaceful change.

Yet, several nights later, with Sadat conspirator Zomor on stage, one attendee told us, U. After killing a lot of people, innocent people, in Sudan, in Somalia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and supporting the Jewish state, Israel, so what is — what am I going to expect out of that?

Of course someone, you know, will have a feeling of getting revenge against the Americans. Another unanticipated terror threat may be emerging in Egypt as well, especially in the desert expanse of Sinai far from Cairo. There, militants returning from exile after Mubarak mingle with local bedouins in what U.

The last few months have seen attacks on gas pipelines into Israel and a police station. A group calling itself al-Qaida in North Sinai claimed responsibility.

We asked Abu Faisial a follower of the fundamentalist Salafi strain of Islam, if he'd seen new faces in Sinai since the revolution. I see old and familiar faces of people that had scattered due to the old regime's presence. Now many of the sons of Sinai have returned to their homes from which they were deprived.

Salafi leader As'ad Amin Kheiry Bek said the state's security presence is much diminished since Mubarak fell. When the government left, there was a vacuum that we had to fill.

Since the police and court systems are not functional anymore, we have been mediating to maintain the peace by Sharia principles.

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Do you think that the conditions that created Sept. There is actually a large chance that this might be repeated, because the youth of the Middle East have a lot of anger towards American policy against Iraqis and Afghans and Palestinians.

And has the Arab spring changed any of that?The Nazi Roots of Modern Radical Islam By Tom Knowlton. The recent "Letter to the American People" allegedly authored by Osama bin Laden is a virtual ideological manifesto for Islamic extremists. Brigitte Tudor, better known as Brigitte Gabriel, founded ACT for America in at a time when the anti-Muslim movement was beginning to take shape in the United States.

While claiming an unlikely , members and more than 1, chapters, the group has undoubtedly grown to become the largest anti-Muslim group in America. Roots of ‘radical Islam’ Posted in Islam, terrorism by Mustafa Malik on the May 8th, Washington — I was invited to give a talk at an INR seminar at the State Department on “Islamic radicalism in .

Watch video · As a young man in the '70s, Zawahri was a leader in a new breakaway radical Islamic movement, Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

It was banned from taking part in politics. Is Islam a religion of peace? What are the origins of Islam? What are the Kaaba and Black Stone? Who wrote the Koran? Who was Mohammed? Since Islam is one of the world's fastest growing religions, through conversion but mostly through reproduction, there is a tremendous need to address this subject, which, because of crazed Islamic .

The roots of radical Islam dates back to the year when the birth of Islam prevailed. The prophet Mohamed (pbuh) was sent by Allah (God) to spread the word of this belief and for the next 22 years the Muslim empire grew across the Middle East and Southern Europe.

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