Sick around the world essay

Which countries in the film have universal health care? In addition, each also has a private healthcare sector which is considerably smaller than its public equivalent, with provision of private healthcare acquired by means of private health insurance, funded as part of an employer funded healthcare scheme or paid directly by the customer. Also, they are the only country that was discussed that had a GP or General Practitioner. The GP acts as a gatekeeper in assisting patients in receiving specialized are.

Sick around the world essay

History[ edit ] The island is first mentioned in chronicles ofwhen people from Padua and Este fled there to escape the barbarian invasions.

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In Venice came under attack from the Genoan fleet; the people of Poveglia were moved to the Giudecca. The island remained uninhabited in the subsequent centuries; in the doge offered the island to the Camaldolese monks, who refused the offer.

From on, the Venetian government built five octagonal forts to protect and control the entrances to the lagoon. The Poveglia octagon is one of four that still survive. Inthere were several cases of the plague on two ships, and consequently the island was transformed into a temporary confinement station for the ill lazaretto ; this role became permanent inunder the rule of Napoleon Bonapartewho also had the old church of San Vitale destroyed; the old bell-tower was converted into a lighthouse.

The lazaretto was closed in In the 20th century the island was again used as a quarantine station, but in the existing buildings were converted into an asylum for the mentally ill and for long-term care.

Sick around the world essaywhen the hospital was closed, the island was briefly used for agriculture and then completely abandoned.

In the Italian state auctioned a year lease of Poveglia, which would remain state property, to raise revenue, hoping that the buyer would redevelop the hospital into a luxury hotel.

The bell-tower is the most visible structure on the island, and dates back to the 12th century.

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It belonged to the church of San Vitale, which was demolished in The tower was re-used as a lighthouse. The existence of an asylum on Poveglia seems to be confirmed by a sign for "Reparto Psichiatria" Psychiatric Department still visible among the derelict buildings, as photographed by Ransom Riggs in his May photo-essay documenting his visit to Poveglia.

A bridge connects the island on which the buildings stand with the island that was given over to trees and fields. The octagonal fort is on a third, separate island, next to the island with the buildings, but unconnected to it.

The fort itself today consists solely of an earthen rampart faced on the outside with brick. The island contains one or more plague pits.

Some estimates[ by whom? Popular culture[ edit ] Some time after the island had become a quarantine station for ships arriving at Venice in the 18th century, a plague was discovered on two ships.

The island was sealed off and used to host people with infectious diseases, leading to legends of terminally ill Venetians waiting to die before their ghosts returned to haunt the island. He later threw himself from the hospital tower after claiming he had been driven mad by ghosts.

The island is owned in the 18th century by a rich nobleman and alchemist, who finds a way to shield his palazzo, himself, and his guests from the ravages of time to repeat the same day over and over. The narrator visits the island as a boy and later as an adult, where like Poveglia it has been long since abandoned with a reputation of being haunted.

Like the 3 preceding books in the series, the novel "Poveglia" is set in a world ravaged by a quasi-zombie plague of "The Infected" and takes place 8 years after the initial outbreak, by which time a cure has been developed and administered so that most of the formerly Infected and those who were Immune are now coexisting in what may be the only remaining civilized city.

Fell was driven mad attempting to treat the plague victims there.Sick around the World. Assignment 1: Sick around the World Instructions This assignment involves your selecting a country as the subject of your research. Countries that have universal health care coverage are United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Although all five countries that was discussed in the video “Sick Around the World”, have universal healthcare coverage, each health care policy are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the people.

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Sick around the world essay

So even if you’re a true believer in mainstream vaccine theory, you’re on the short end of the stick here. America’s decision to abandon the global system it helped build, and then preserve for more than seven decades, marks a turning point, because others lack either the interest or the means to sustain it.

The result will be a world that is less free, less prosperous, and less peaceful, for Americans and others alike.

Sick around the world essay
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