The bookseller of kabul essay

Donne sotto il burqa e talebani. Il suo vero punto di forza. Un fiotto di dolore gli inonda le pupille accecandolo; le sue narici fremono di rabbia. La mano, irrefrenabile, descrive una curva folgorante e si abbatte sulla guancia della moglie che, stordita, stramazza a terra.

The bookseller of kabul essay

When it comes to marriage the Khan family keeps the traditions of a typical Afghan family. As stated in the book, love does not take part in the decision making process when arranging a marriage. Most Afghan families find themselves in the position of having to sell their daughters off to get married with older men because they plainly needed the money to survive Najibullah, 1.

Women in Afghanistan and those who are a part of the Khan family are to marry whomever the parents choose for her; usually they prefer to marry of their daughters to close relatives, such as cousins Griffin, On several occasions the bride to be must be bought from the man who wishes to marry her, other times she might be free of charge, depending on the age and state of the woman.

The women in the book seem to be no different from typical women from Afghanistan when it comes to the way they live their lives. They have been oppressed for many years, especially under the Taliban government. Women were deprived of basic rights, such as the right to vote, to work, to inheritance and to choose their own partner if they wished to marry Qazi, 1.

They were treated as slaves and virtually had no rights or freedoms. The man of the house decides if his wife might attend school or take a job; most times they just sit at home doing chores all day and taking care of their children. Being out in public, for a woman, without a male companion was seen as punishable act.

Artwork - Year of the Goat Essay The Khan family shares this in common with other Afghan families and it is illustrated in an example where it states that Leila never walks outside her home alone.

In fact, she has never been alone in her life Seierstad, In addition to not being able to walk outside unaccompanied, women could not go outside without being completely covered by a garment called burqa during the times when the Taliban where in control Seierstad, The burqa was worn before the Taliban but it was not a mandatory dress code.

Swallows of Kabul by Yasmina Khadra

They could choose to wear a scarf to cover their heads instead. It is frowned upon when women mingle with men outside their family Andrews, Boyle and Carr, We can see this throughout the book as well.

The women from the Khan family hardly ever socialized with men that were not related to them.

The bookseller of kabul essay

We also have the example of Saliqa, a girl who exchanged notes with a boy, sharing a taxi and going to a park to talk.

He called her a whore and a disgrace to her family. She was locked in her room and beaten almost to the point where she would have needed medical care.

This is something most afghan families share in common, even the Khan family and this is shown when Sharifa is telling her husband Sultan the story about Saliqa and his response to the incident was: Women are simply not allowed to socialize with men that are not relatives or they will be punished.

In rare occasions, the man might propose to the woman and the crime might be forgiven Seierstad, Aimal hated getting up every day to work, he just wanted to be a kid and go to school but his father would not let him, he would say: For most children in Afghanistan their parents make them work at such young ages because they alone cannot support their families with such a low income, it becomes almost necessary for children to start working at a very young age.

He has forced his sons to work in his multiple shops because he simply does not trust anyone else to do it, therefore, depriving his kids the right to education, something that if Sultan never had he probably would not have been so successful in his business.

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Women were also kept home instead of going to school. Another thing the Khan family shares in common with other Afghan families is that divorce is not permitted. If a woman seeks a divorce she loses all her rights and privileges and might never remarry Seierstad, Also, at one point in the book, it states that a woman should not break an engagement because it could negatively affect the status of this woman and nobody would want her if they knew she had previously broken an engagement Seierstad, In the book we have an upper middle class family, were the head of the house Sultan and his sons go to work at their shops every day, twelve hours a day.

Flannery O'connor Essay Even though they work eighty four hours a week they were not living like most other Afghan families who spent every day of their lives trying to provide at least one meal a day for their families and would have to go to great extents to survive Paquette, 1.

Thankfully, the members of the Khan family did not have to go through such harsh conditions and lived a decent life among people in Afghanistan. One difference that I found interesting between Sultan and other Afghan people is that he truly believed in the power of work.

He seemed really upset at those who spend the little money they had on trips to Mecca to pray and ask for help. Sultan believed that one must work and fend for themselves and then go to Mecca to thank Allah, not to ask for help Seierstad, Nov 04,  · According to the Aboriginal Dreamtime culture ‘Kabul’ is seen as their spiritual mother, “Kabul is the mother of us all, she is the spirit of the land”- another excerpt from the same Aboriginal Dreamtime story ‘The Rainbow.

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BOOK ANALYSIS. Due to serious and relevant world events, and the general lack of knowledge of the cultural and historical issues involved, Every student needs to read the Bernard Lewis book What went Wrong?: THE BOOKSELLER OF KABUL (), Asne Seierstad THE KITE RUNNER (), A THOUSAND SPLENDED SUNS.

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Bookseller of Kabul March 1st, In this paper I will discuss family life in Afghanistan. After reading “The Bookseller of Kabul” and doing some research on other Afghan families I believe that the Khan family is almost the same as a typical Afghan family.

Cultural Autobiography, Due Sept. 20 Your essay will focus on your life and how that has shaped you.

You may include typical and/or exceptional events from your childhood, religious life, family life, memorable experiences. Consider the culture as described in the Bookseller of Kabul. Recall the relationship restrictions between men and.

English 12 Standard Options. and a documented research essay. At the end of the course, students will present an independent study of a country to the school community in a multimedia presentation. The Bookseller of Kabul by Asne Seierstad.

Relevant sections of our textbook. Various other short stories, poems, and nonfiction texts.

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